Here are some of my projects where I spend most of my time when I am not working. More of my projects can be found on my Github page.


Developer | Product Manager

The project aims to solve a personal problem of watching anime. It helps you watch/download anime without any Annoying Ads. It also lets you read and save mangas(comics) into the app itself. It parses the animes online from the web in real-time to provide you with a seamless watching experience.

Why an anime app ? Here's why:

  • Netflix contains anime's, but there is no denying that the list of anime's are very limited on Netflix.

  • You can watch anime online, but you have to suffer with the ads.

  • You can easily download the Animes and also read manga in your device itself.



Developer | Product Manager

The project aims to solve a personal problem of downloading good-quality wallpapers in my phone.

Why a wallpaper app? Here's why:

  • There are already a lot of wallpaper apps, but the thing is that they are optimized to show you the wallpapers only for your phone, i.e. they will only find the wallpapers of the screen resolution of your phone. So to download higher-quality wallpapers you'd anyhow need to download from your browser. Now, this app can help you solve that feature as well.

  • Most of the wallpaper apps, show you the wallpaper which are curated by themselves or using any API. This app parses a lot of resources to provide you with the highest quality unique wallpapers.

  • There are no ads.



Developer | Product Manager

The project aims to solve a personal problem of including Two Dimensional Scrolling view with zoom. A few my projects needed this feature to view the images just like a wallpaper app does to let you set the wallpaper. However, the scroll views in the wallpapers simply scroll horizontally. My problem was that a lot of images were loosing their quality if they were set to the phone's height. I didn't want that. For example, my AnimeClassroom has a manga reading feature. Now the images in mangas are very large both horizontally and vertically. If the height was set to match phone's height, the image lost its quality thus making it harder to read. So, I made this Custom view to solve that problem. Now, I have converted this into a library so that it could be used in any project.